Rocking Raw Chef Plans To Take Students By Storm

Barbara Fenadez, also known as the Rocking Raw Chef, plans to take Kingston University students by storm with her low cost, raw diet recipes.

The New York native has become a popular icon in the world of raw food after transitioning towards the lifestyle when she found herself stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Fernadez found her passion as a clean chef

She said: “I had suffered from depression the best part of 30 years and wanted a change. My dieting had taken such a toll on me and it wasn’t until a spotted a book on the raw diet that I realised I had found the answer to my weight problems.”

But Fenadez as well as many students found the cost of ingredients and equipment as well as time consuming recipes can leave many out of pocket, leading to Fenadez deciding to find a solution herself.

Holding stalls at local events in Kingston such as the vegan and yoga festival whilst also offering advice and recipe ideas on her social media and website have allowed Fenadez to share her passion with the world.

The chef now has her sights set on Kingston University students, saying: “My son is currently at university so I understand how a student’s small budget can affect the food they eat. I want to show students that they can feed their body the foods they need whilst also sticking to their budget.”

Fenadez hopes her 5 minute recipes and easy to buy ingredients will help her encourage students to fuel their body with a raw diet, she said: “University can be stressful and exhausting already without the added influence of the foods we eat. I want to help students see that this kind of diet doesn’t take 33 steps to make and give them more options on what foods they can choose to eat.”

You can find Fenadez and her recipes on her site


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