KUSU gets more democratic with new student roles

Kingston University Students Union has recently passed a motion to create a new student position to ensure a fairer union.

At the last student union ‘Big Meeting’ in early March, students in attendance voted to create the new role of ‘Student Director’ to improve union functions.

Motion proposer AQ Khan said: “The new position will allow transparency and ensure that students can hold their elected officers accountable on the work they do or pledged to do during elections.”

Khan wasn’t the only student trying to pass the motion, it was also proposed by Saniya Sajjan and seconded by Penrhyn Road officer Daisy Du Toit.

The new vacancy will make current officers accountable for their progress and will sit on the board of trustees to chair meetings as an impartial observer.

“Decisions are being made and action is being taken without the knowledge or agreement of all the officers as well as students.” The motion detailed.

The first Big Student Meeting was held back in January, but due to prolonged debates and high volume of motions, a second meeting was scheduled to ensure every motion was aired to the union.

Khan and company’s motion was scheduled to come close to last, but he tells me that he had it shunted to the front of the queue to make sure no bureaucratic manoeuvres took place.

“The motion went through… A massive debate took place which we held our ground to.” Said Khan, reeling from the win.

Read this and other passed motions here.


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