Spain Vegetable Shortage Affect Prices

Terrible harvest conditions in Spain have caused an increase in food prices at the Penrhyn Road canteen.

Salad bar prices have risen for small and large salad bowls by 20 pence and 4 pence respectively, coincidentally just after a week dedicated to eating healthily.

Elior cafeteria manager Tania Carvalho said that the situation is so bad they “can’t even buy lettuces” due to “problems” with the overseas supplies.

Back in January, the BBC warned that bad weather in Italy and Spain led to reduced harvests, which then led to higher prices for consumers.

Lettuce and broccoli crops are among those most affected by the bad growing conditions, but aubergines and peppers were also hit.

“In short, the weather is to blame. Countries in the Mediterranean have suffered what has been described as the “perfect storm” of poor growing conditions.” Writes Sam Dean for the Telegraph.

After their push for healthier eating on campus, the price increase came as surprising news from cafeteria suppliers Elior.



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