Students Using Sugar Daddy Apps To Pay Their Tuition


“Sugar daddy” results in Kingston on App Seeking Arrangement

Multiple students in the UK have reportedly been going out with older men for financial help to support their studies.

It has surfaced lately that students have been downloading apps that allowed them to meet older rich men, known as sugar daddies, who paid students a lot of money for their company.

A male student who asked to remain anonymous said, “a friend of mine told me about it and how she got £1,000 just for going to dinner with a guy, It just sounded crazy to me and I was curious to try it out.”

The student shared his experience and chose not to disclose his identity, he said: “People aren’t familiar with this yet and I wouldn’t want them to mistake it with prostitution where people get paid for sexual favors, I have never been emotionally or physically intimate in any way with the men I met and I never will.”

The application allows both the sugar daddies and the young adults known as sugar babies, to define their terms and needs, it then showed the users the people near them that they might be interested in.

The boy who had once been given £2,000 after a dinner said: “he slipped an envelope in my bag as we were leaving, honestly all I thought was this guy’s life must be so sad, he was paying me 2 grand just to be his friend. “

It is apparent that students are looking for ways to make money while studying and many have chosen sugar daddies as a way to mitigate their living costs.

Seeking Arrangement, which is the most popular app students use to meet older men, published on its website, “In 2016, 58,000 U.K. students registered on Seeking Arrangement, which represented a 22 percent increase from the previous year, in order to find some relief from tuition, student loan debt, and other college-related costs.”

Evidently, the number of students is only increasing as people have shared their experiences with one another.

“A girl in my course is seeing a guy she met on the app that is paying for her driving lessons and is getting her a car,” said the boy “Another girl has a sugar daddy who is paying her full tuition.”

The matter seemed controversial, student Nuran Jaouda, 19 said: “I think it is very degrading that someone would even accept it on themselves to go out with older men in exchange for money no matter what financial state I am In this wouldn’t be an option.”

For some students sugar daddies are the solution to many stressful financial problems, for others sugar daddies are simply not the way out.


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